2021 Cyber Brunch

For $25, you receive a box of goodies, to be eaten wherever you wish & with whomever you wish. We hope everyone will take selfies of the fun to share with us; these will be posted on Instagram, Facebook and here. Fun or fancy outfits are encouraged, including pjs!!

The box of goodies will include food & drink for one person suitable for all ages (except infants); you are encouraged to add additional favorite food items if you wish. You are also encouraged to invite others to participate with you, whether or not they have their own “official goodie box”. One suggestion is to invite some favorite teddy bears as they are very photogenic and won’t eat much as they are already stuffed! LOL!

The goodies include baked items from 2 new local bakeries, Front Porch and Wish You Well, along with items from Scheid Produce, Cherry HIll Orchards, Turkey Hill , and John Herrs Village Market.

RSVP is Monday, June 21st so items can be ordered and boxes assembled.

You are invited to join a Zoom call on Saturday, July 10th, 2021 from 11am to 1pm to showcase you doing brunch your way and to socialize with others.

To order a box:

Step 1: call or text Diane Duell at 717-872-4834 (10am to 10pm) and give your name, phone number, and number of needed boxes by June 21, the RSVP date

Step 2: mail or drop off payment, cash or check, (Monday to Thursday, 9am to 4pm) to: Millersville Community Church, Grace Campus, 163 W. Frederick St, Millersville, PA 17551 (payments must be received by June 21, the RSVP date); checks are to be made out to “Millersville Community Church” with “Cyber Brunch” in the memo line

Boxes can be picked up at Millerville Community Church, Grace Campus (163 W. Frederick St, Millersville, PA 17551) on Friday, July 9th from 9am to 10am OR 6pm to 8pm.

NOTE: the number of goodie boxes is limited to 100.

Questions? Call or text Diane Duell at 717-872-4834 (10am to 10pm).